Our Offer

We have developed an offer tailored to the specific requirements of the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund.

Our Solution

Our solution has been honed through years of development and experience delivering digital products and strategies to regional publishing clients. Designed from the ground up, our package provides software, websites, apps, training, revenue opportunities and extensive support services.


Our basic package is known as the core, and this is what we recommend as essential components for you to kick-start your digital transformation.


After the core comes the full suite, from which you can pick and choose to suit the needs of your media company. These features have been designed to address the criteria of the grant process outlined by the Federal Government and ACMA.

The process

We will work with you to develop a proposal that satisfies the requirements of the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund while delivering on your unique publishing needs.

The process outlined illustrates how we will engage with you to build your proposal for the fund, using our packs as a blueprint.

Enterprise icon The submission process is now open, closing June 14. The first successful applications should see funds allocated from mid-to-late 2019. See ACMA for updates.
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    Get In Touch

    Contact our friendly team to understand what is available to you and how we can help. We are a team of journalists, designers, developers and media experts.

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    We can help you apply

    We worked with a diverse range of publishers in 2018 to help them apply for funding in accordance with the ACMA guidelines. We fully understand the process and will be able to guide you through applying, ensuring you get the best outcome.

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    Receive your tailored pack

    After understanding your business we will tailor one of our packs to your media company - taking into account the number of mastheads and publications you have and your training needs.

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    Once the applications are in, we expect the second round of funding will be allocated from mid-to-late 2019. We will be ready to kick off your projects then and ensure they are delivered smoothly and efficiently.