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AAP is the media company that businesses turn to for news, information and publishing solutions. With breaking news firmly at our core, our vast range of products and services help clients connect with and engage their audiences.

AAP is your integrated, simple solution.

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AAP Publish is a different sort of digital agency - one whose primary focus is delivering the web's best publishing sites. Drawing on AAP's 80 years as the national news agency, Publish is the modern, digital embodiment of this rich heritage in story telling.

Our talented team of designers and developers have a deep understanding of how to deliver content in compelling, sticky and shareable ways to help you build an audience and drive new revenue streams.

We leverage this experience with market leading publishing technology built hand in glove with one of Australia's brightest media start-ups.

Technology, strategy and execution in one compelling package.

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Cognitives is an end to end publishing technology solution used by some of Australia's biggest brands and many rural and regional publishers. An Australian technology company, the Cognitives team are a collection of journalists, technologists, developers and designers.

We create apps, websites and journalism training for Australian media companies and brands and provide a proprietary, secure, enterprise content platform for media companies to run their infrastructure on.

Cognitives has been working with AAP for 3 years, and in collaboration with them, created an integrated publishing solution, AAP Publish, to help media companies thrive in the digital age.