Our competitive rates ensure the Government can prove ROI, while your company gets a best-in-class media product.

Our Core package is the starting point

Each application starts here, then you can add additional elements from the Full Suite of solutions, depending on your needs and company size.


  Core Fullsuite Price
Basic Cognitives Publishing Platform image image $30,000
Basic paywall image image $20,000
First Masthead - Website image image $30,000
Additional Mastheads – Each Website image image $20,000(per additional masthead)
Advanced Cognitives Publishing Platform Features   image $30,000
Advanced Paywall Features   image $22,000
Strategy & site optimisation training   image $10,000/20,000
Digital media law training   image $10,000/20,000
Website marketing training   image $10,000/20,000
Domo Media Suite Basic (5-year licence)   image $55,000
Domo Media Suite Advanced (5-year licence)   image $85,000
AAP Contents Packs (Newswire & Imagewire)   image On confirmation of needs

What happens at the end of the project?

We know you may not be able to pay the enterprise fees associated with this sort of technology, so we will negotiate a fair and appropriate licensing and hosting fee based on your budget. Any additional design or development work undertaken by you in the future will be at your expense.

More than one masthead?

Organisations with more than one masthead can get a discount of 30 per cent for every additional website.

For example, the first masthead costs a $30,000 flat fee for design and development, while two mastheads will cost $50,000, three cost $70,000 and so on.